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March 27, 2015, 6 p.m. - March 27, 2015, 8 p.m.

March 2015 SLUG Meeting



Our main talk will be Distributing ingested on the Big time at Telstra by Samuel Marks.

Integrating open-source time series collection, ingestion, transfer, storage and querying at Telstra. Keywords: Hadoop, Python, Apache Spark, Apache Tajo, Ceph, Blueflood, OpenTSDB

Samuel Marks is an engineer and aspiring entrepreneur/inventor, currently contracted to Telstra; wherein he's replacing a platform developed in Perl over the last 8+ years with a completely new one, built with exclusively open-source components.


Google Sydney Level 5, Workplace 6 48 Pirrama Road Pyrmont, NSW


Getting there

The Google office is the big black building marked "Accenture" opposite Star City Pirrama Road facade.

If using the trains, you can go either get off at;

  • Town Hall station, head towards Darling Harbour, walk across the Pyrmont footbridge and then follow Pirrama Road towards Star city.
  • Central station, then follow the light rail instructions.

If using the buses, the route 443 stops right out front of the building.

If using the light rail, get off at Star City station and walk across the street.

If you drive, then you can look for parking on the suburban streets around the office (or pay for parking at the Casino), and then walk from there.


We'll be aiming to finish by 8pm and will be heading to the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel (PBH) afterwards to socalise and eat dinner. The PBH is marked on the map.